The Simple Way To Boost Self Confidence And Achieve Your Goals

Are you anxious, frustrated, nervous, depressed or even angry at why things never seem to work out for you as well as they do for other people? Or perhaps you want to learn how to build self confidence of self esteem? These are all emotions and experiences we all have to deal with at some point in our lives – for some it’s more often than others. I’d like to share some highly effective tips and techniques that you can start to use right now to explode your self confidence levels and really start to feel good about your life.

These tips and techniques come from a Master NLP practitioner. They are clinically tested methods you can start to use right now to eliminate all your negative emotions and replace them with positive and empowering emotions and feelings.

Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques can empower you to overcome all sorts of negative and dysfunctional emotions, and easily turn them into something much more positive. It’s pretty much like having a “happy button” that can take effect within just a few seconds.

Don’t be misled – knowledge is not power.

You may be familiar with the saying that “knowledge is power” – unfortunately that’s not quite true. You could read everything here, gain the knowledge but still not see any improvements in your life. That’s because “Action is Power”, not knowledge. To reap the benefits of these techniques you must put them into action. It will only take you 10 – 15 minutes a day, but they will likely be the most powerful and stimulating 15 minutes.

Let’s get started with some Magic Hats.

This process you’re about to discover is more commonly known as Magic Hats. You get 5 different colored hats (not real hats – they’re jus in your mind) and 5 very simple steps to follow. In fact there so simple you can have them down in less than 20 minutes.

Step 1. Self Hypnosis. Self Hypnosis is the secret door to controlling your mind. You’ll learn how to place yourself in a deep state of complete relaxation. Even within the first few minutes of this step you’ll start to feel more energised and a lot happier.

Step 2. Modalities. Your modalities are your modes of thinking – or how your brain recalls past memories. Have you ever smelt a familiar smell and almost immediately recalled the memory of where you were and what you were doing when you first encountered that smell. Or looked at an old photo and had the memories come flooding back? We remember our past experiences through our senses – just like this.

Step 3. Swish Patterns. This is a very simple technique that allows you to change from Mike Spencer is a life and personal development coach. Here he shares a very simple approach to overcome your fears and build the life of your dreams. These simple techniques can be your roadmap on how to build self confidence and overcome the things that are holding you back from achieveing the things that are really important to state (feeling down, unhappy, etc) to another (feeling happy, confident, elated, excited)

Step 4. Anchors. We use anchors to store and recall positive emotions and experiences that make us feel good. An anchor can be a word or phrase, or an old photo, or a familiar smell or. Anything that triggers stored memories.

Step 5. Understand your mode of operation. Most people simply react to the things that happen to them every day, and are therefore controlled by their environment. By understanding how and why we react in these ways, we can start to take control of our reactions, and finally decide how we react to the every day things that we experience.

How to relax at the flick of a switch.

Learning to relax is probably the most beneficial achievement you can ever make to your health and success. The human body functions much better when it is relaxed and stress free (honestly, it does). In order to get the most benefit and biggest results out of these techniques, you need to be completely and fully relaxed. So here’s how to do it.

Sit in your chair with you back straight, and your feet flat on the floor. Make sure the base of your spine is pushed right back into the back of the chair.

1. Place you hand (whichever comes naturally) onto your stomach just about where your belt buckle is (or would be if you were wearing a belt).

2. Take a deep breath in and push out your stomach muscles allowing your lungs to start expanding into your stomach area – this helps fill your lungs from the bottom allowing you to get much more air into them. Continue to inhale filling the top of your lungs as well. When you can’t breathe in anymore, hold your breath for a slow count of 6.By holding your breath, you ensure your lungs can extract the maximum amount of oxygen from the air and get it into your bloodstream.

3. Breathe out slowly, and at the same time suck in your stomach muscles as far as you can – as though you are trying to get your stomach muscles to touch your spine. When you have fully exhaled, hold for a count of 6.

4. Take a deep breath in again and repeat the process for between 6 and 12 times.

So what you’re doing is: Push out your stomach and breathe in – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6; Hold your breath – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6; Suck in your stomach and breathe out – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6; Hold your breath – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6; Repeat the complete process 6 – 12 times.

After you’ve finished you may feel a little dizzy or light headed. This is natural and is simply because you are now very relaxed and have highly oxygenated blood.

I’m running out of space now, so to get the rest of the program go to – it’s a free download and has everything you need to start making some powerful and positive changes in your life starting today.

Author Wendy Jones is a personal development, NLP and life coach. Here she explains how to build self confidence with meditation using some simple yet highly effective meditation techniques using the Magic Hats program from a highly respected master NLP practitioner.

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