There Is Sometimes Indication That You Lived In Past Life

Followers of Hinduism and Buddhism all over the world are firm believers in reincarnation. It sounds like a good explanation of how so many souls will eventually fit in the space called heaven or the afterlife. Were you alive in a previous time? Do you wonder who you may have been in past life? Reincarnation would explain a lot and answer a lot of questions.

It’s a question that will remain unproven and unanswered until your current life is over. There are, however, more believers in the world than you would imagine. If you aren’t religious, you may still consider it a logical answer to an age-old question. No one will prove or disprove reincarnation while they are alive.

A deja vu experience is a fairly common experience. Walk in to a room and get a chill up and down your spine. It looks very familiar. It just feels as if you’ve been in the room before. Was this building here long enough for you to have visited it during a past life? Or, were you simply here as a small child too young to remember until now?

Therapy is always a possible way to help you deal with life’s problems. There is a specific type of therapy for different problems. Psychoanalysis, Jungian Dream Therapy and scream therapy have all been somewhat successful at different times in history. If you seek out a past life regression therapist, be sure you are choosing a reputable person with good credentials.

For help in locating one, turn to the International Association of Past Life Therapists. I would make sure they are well-education professionals before starting. If you do not seem to be making progress, turn to someone who belongs to the American Psychological Association.

You might try meditation on your own. Sit in a quiet environment and repeat a mantra over and over until you are in an almost hypnotic state. This is a wonderful relaxation technique. It may help you recall childhood events. It may even take you back to a previous life. This cannot be proved, but it may help explain things to you. In circumstances where you remember something you are unsure about, you cannot ever be certain about a past life event. It may have a logical connection to some event in your current life though. Meditation, if not able to help you understand your problems, is a marvelous method to relax and feel better by doing so.

A hypnotist is not some magician on a stage to amuse the crowd. A modern hypnotist is an educated therapist with additional training in the methods. You can, under a trance, explore your suspicions about having lived before. If you think of a random name or address, you can then try to confirm the information after your session is over.

Your previous life or lives may always remain a myth to you. No one will ever provide solid evidence of God or the afterlife. The only people who know for sure are those who have passed away. Don’t worry about your phobia, just try to understand it in terms of getting over it. Any relief therapy can provide from anxiety is well worth the time spent with a therapist.

You may or may not believe in reincarnation but, why make fun of those who do? Just deal with your problems in view of this life and don’t spend all your time and effort on introspection. Sure, you may have been Cleopatra in a previous life. However, if you lived before, you may have been an unknown John Jones in past life. Whatever the situation, don’t let it overwhelm the pleasure you can find in this life.

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