Three Ways To Learn Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance seems like a mystical and mysterious thing, but the truth of the matter is that anyone can learn it. Remember that it is important to know what clairvoyance is and that you understand what we mean by learning.

First, let’s define the term clairvoyance. There are many different definitions for this term, and it really depends on who you ask. One of the most common definitions is that you need to learn about remove viewing, that is, being able to see things as they happen from a distance without the use of tools or your five senses. It might also be described as the ability to see in the the future, which is referred to as precognition. Essentially, it means being able to know information that is gathered in a method beyond that of your five senses. This makes clairvoyance the elusive sixth sense.

True, some people do have extraordinary clairvoyant abilities, such as the ability to see, hear, feel, smell, or even taste something far away, or even to know things about the past or future that they couldnt possibly know through any other means. No one really know how this works. Science has not been able to document or explain these abilities. Although there are dozens of metaphysical explanations of these psychic abilities, no particular one has emerged as the dominant belief, and some explanations are even contradictory. One common element, however, seems to cut across all these different theories: people with extraordinary psychic abilities are simply born that way.

Can anyone learn to remote viewing or see the future? No. Can anyone learn to develop and hone their sixth sense? Yes.

Everyone has some degree of a clairvoyant sixth sense. Have you ever thought that you had a strong hunch or a strong feeling about a person, place, thing or situation? You might think that there was nothing wrong about it, but there was a feeling down there that did not want to be ignored. When you ignore your sixth sense in favor of logic or emotion, you’ll discover that you are weakening it.

When you are looking for scientific explanation, you’ll find that there are plenty of theories on why we develop hunches and instincts. Some people say that rather than being of supernatural, psychic or paranormal origin, it is in fact your subconscious mind picking up on cues that you are not aware of. Your subconscious mind, because it does not speak in words, will then convey these feelings and impressions to you in a way that will get the point across. This can be a valuable tool when you are looking at developing clairvoyance, because it can tell you to trust your subconscious.

Whether you believe in science or in the mystical existence of a sixth sense, you’ll find that you can still take advantage of this concept. What you need to learn is that no matter what you believe, you can train your perception and that you can sharpen it a great deal. Just look at these three methods.

1. Improve Your Perception

The vast majority of people go through life so hyper-focused on the task at hand that we become oblivious to everything else around us. Yet all these tiny details hidden in plain sight around us is exactly what our subconscious mind picks up on and needs to form its instincts and hunches. If you can learn to increase your perception, to become more aware of the world around you in all of its detail, you’ll being giving your subconscious mind more of the fuel it needs to power your clairvoyant sixth sense.

This takes practice, however. There are a few things you can do to try to increase your perception. First, slow down a bit. Try to relax, clam yourself, and move at a more leisurely pace in your daily activities. Second, remove distractions designed to occupy your senses. For example, instead of listening to the radio in the car while driving, drive in silence. With nothing else to occupy your senses and thoughts, you’ll become more aware of the world around you”the weather, the neighborhood you’re driving in, and that car behind you moving into your blind spot.

Finally, occasionally do a ‘mini-meditation’. This consists of closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and forcing yourself to relax. When you open your eyes again, you’ll be more aware of your surroundings. This only takes a few seconds, but you’ll be surprised by the difference it makes.

Method 2: Learn to Meditate

Take at least half a hour out of your day and learn to meditate. You’ll discover that meditation will let you use your mind and clear it at the same time and you’ll discover that this can be a great way to let your subconscious mind out to play. Remember that you are looking to feel more comfortable and more relaxed as you do this.

Of course, meditation is easier said that done. When you sit down and try to think about nothing, suddenly all you can think about is whether or not your thinking about nothing, wondering if your doing this all wrong”and then you’re stuck in an endless circle of thought. The trick to overcoming this problem is to occupy your conscious mind with something to distract it. For this, you need two things: a focus, and a mantra.

A focus is simply something that you can use to keep your sense working for you instead of against you. If you are sitting in silence, you might find that every sound or movement out of the corner of your eye makes you startle. Instead, put a candle in front of you and watch the light dance. The flickering will keep your eyes engaged while your brain can float away and think of other things.

Second, our conscious mind, our thoughts, never shuts down”we’re always thinking about something. Rather than try to silence it, occupy and distract it with a mantra. A mantra is phrase, poem, or prayer that you repeat over and over again in your head just to occupy your mind. It can be anything”a prayer, a favorite poem, even song lyrics”just as long as you know it by heart and can recite it with much thought. Some people pray the rosary as they meditate”the endless string of memorized Hail Marys occupies their conscious mind perfectly.

Method 3: Just Trust Yourself

At the end of the day, you are not getting very far if you do not trust yourself. Don’t doubt what you see or feel and make sure that you don’t dismiss your feelings as being the product of an overactive imagination. Remember that you get hunches and feelings for a reason and that your subconscious mind is definitely trying to tell you something. What does your subconscious mind want to let you know?

At first, this may be difficult. Over time, however, the more you listen to and trust your instincts, the more confidence you will gain in them. Your clairvoyant sixth sense will grow stronger, and it will be easier for you to trust it.

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