Tips To Increase Psychic Ability

We have seen many people claiming that they have got psychic power and they can predict one’s future. We get surprised always thinking how that was possible to perceive knowledge without sensing by five senses we have. Those guys may be true or not. The real fact is this. That everyone has psychic skills lying within our mind dormant. If we activate that ability, we can tailor that according to our needs.

Before that you need to understand what is meant by psychic power. It is an ability to perceive information in extraordinary way from the surroundings. The unconscious mind gains control over conscious mind and start to gain strange information from the nature. If you increase the power in you, you can achieve your goals very easily.

If you want to increase your psychic power, you need to make little change in your life style as well as practice some mind sharpening exercises. So how can you do that? Follow some tips listed below.

Be positive always. Approach everything with optimistic eyes. Pessimist’s attitude may not allow you to enhance your psychic skills. Give up your negative thinking which may hamper your goals. You can become more positive listening to good music, reading inspirational books and good movies.

Imagine your success. Make some visuals in your mind that you are going to be successful in this try. These pictures will give you a good momentum to keep going to victory.

Slow down the frequency of your brain waves to a slow range called alpha frequency. Psychic activity does not occur in normal brain frequency which is too rapid. You have to slow down the speed of your thinking by proper exercise and concentration. That means reduce your brain wave frequency from fourteen to twenty cycles per minute, normal brain frequency of a man, to seven to fourteen minutes. Your unconscious mind will wake slowly and gain control over your conscious mind and thereby your brain will attain alpha frequency stage.

Make your mind calm and quite. Be free from stress, busy thinking and negative memories that may hamper your goals. Close both your eyes clear and control your mind. A busy mind cannot reduce brain frequency range to alpha frequency stage. Negative thoughts may disturb your unconscious mind where the paranormal contact and sixth sense. Well, take short leave from your day to day activities. Download and install new hopeful thoughts in your mind.

Practice manifestation meditation. You cannot control your, write? You are not happy with many things happening around you. You want to stop it, but you can’t because that is not in our control. But what about taking control of your own gifted mind? Yes, if you are practicing manifestation meditation as part of your daily life, you will start unleash the power of your thinking. Prosperity and happiness of your souls comes back to you as how it was when you were a child. You can be free from the disturbed feelings in your heart. You will be free from your pain and sorrows. Miseries and misfortunes will run away from your heart forever and you will get a psychic power.

Do practice above mentioned techniques daily and let your psychic connection open. If you are failing in couple of attempts, choose more calm area and take proper rest to continue. Or find out the reasons of failure and try to concentrate well giving more time.

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