Unwind When You Learn How To Meditate

In the face paced life of today it is good to take time out and relax. Many people find this quite difficult and as a result turn to meditation to help them. Here for anyone who would like to meditate are some simple steps for anyone to learn how to meditate.

Make sure you have time to fully meditate, don’t rush what you are doing. Go somewhere that you will be undisturbed and make sure that it is quiet. You may want to play some relaxing background music, the choice is yours. Sit on a cushion on the floor, or with it. Whichever is the most comfortable.

Keep your eyes half open and half closed and don’t stare at anything. Begin to breath in for 3 seconds and out for around 6. Breath from the abdomen for the best deep breaths. Aim to breath like this for between 5 minutes and 20 minutes – although the longer you do this the better.

Relax every single part of your body, including the muscles. This might take some time but don’t be tempted to rush this step. Try to clear your mind of thoughts by not focusing on anything. This can be hard to achieve at first but with practice it comes. Try repeating a mantra or word such as ‘aum’ over and over as this will help to clear your mind.

Now that you are relaxed and accepting of calm you can attempt the next stage – absolute meditation. This comes when you are able to have a mind that is clear and uncluttered. By prepared for this to take some time, very few people can do this on their first few attempts. Do this as often as possible and soon you will be able to meditate whenever you have a spare few minutes each day.

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