Using Binaural Beats For Meditation

Many people are using Binaural Beats in meditation to help them go into deeper meditative states faster and easier. So just what is the science behind Binaural Beats? When two different frequencies are heard by the ears, entrainment occurs. Entrainment is basically what the “brain” hears, verses what “you” hear. For example, if your right ear is hearing 320 Hz, and your left ear is hearing 330 Hz, then your brain is hearing 10 Hz (330 – 320 = 10).

There are four different waves that the brain operates on. Beta waves are present when you are actively thinking and doing things. Alpha waves are present when you are relaxing, or are “zoned out”. Theta waves are present when you are sleeping and dreaming, and are the most common waves present when you are in light meditation. Finally, delta waves are present during the deepest sleep states, and in very deep meditation including out of body experiences.
People use Binaural Beats in different ways, but I find starting at beta, and working my way down to delta is most effective. It allows ones brain to progress slowly through all the frequencies, and makes the transition down easier. You don’t necessarily need to go to delta every time. Going to theta is fine for daily meditation. Delta is really only necessary if you are trying to go into the deepest meditative state possible.
One can purchase meditative CD’s or download Binaural Beats free from various sources on the internet. Downloading individual files is a great way to create your own mixes.
In order for your brain to “hear” Binaural Beats, you will need to use headphones. Simply listening to them via speakers is not effective, since each tone needs to be delivered to the ear individually. Studies have also shown that some people should not use Binaural Beats at all. People with a history of seizures and small children should avoid the use of Binaural Beats.
For me, the use of Binaural Beats has greatly helped to get into deeper meditative states much faster. I have also experimented with using Binaural Beats for other purposes as well. For instance, I have found that if I listen to theta waves, followed by delta waves at bedtime, I sleep deeper and more soundly. I also seem to dream more vividly when I do this. Since the uses of Binaural Beats are so diverse, and it is deemed safe for the majority of individuals, I highly recommend giving it a try. You may be on your way to your first out of body experience.

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