Using Your MindSpa Meditation Machine With Eyes-Open

There’s a great deal of interest in meditation these days and many people are looking at modern meditation techniques. For example, Meditation Machines, such as the MindSpa system, are small portable devices that use natural light and sound to ease you into deep states of mind and relaxed states of body.

One of the great features of the MindSpa is that as well as using it with your eyes closed for relaxation and meditation, you can also use it with “eyes open” for enhanced concentration.

For example, you probably know how difficult it is to focus on something you’re not that interested in and how easily it is to get distracted. By using your MindSpa with your eyes open, your concentration will improve and you’ll find that you can get the job done. It can also be a great help at times when your attention level is falling – in the afternoon, for instance.

My eyes are quite sensitive and I didn’t think that this eyes-open approach would suit me as I thought I’d find the lights annoying. And so when the manufacturer of the MindSpa brought out their eyes-open model, I was a little dubious to say the least.

However, the manufacturer have clearly designed the MindSpa’s eyes-open glasses with a great deal of care. Instead of having the lights right in front of your eyes (as with other Meditation Machines) the MindSpa’s lights are placed around your eyes. This means that when you’re using the MindSpa with your eyes open, you barely notice the lights.

In fact, I think that using your MindSpa with your eyes open can be very performance enhancing. Actually, this article has been composed while I’m using my MindSpa in eyes-open mode.

I use my MindSpa in this way pretty much every day, particularly in the afternoons when my concentration is beginning to fade. I especially find it useful to use my MindSpa with my eyes open when I need to do something that I’m not that interested in or enthusiastic about – it really does help me to focus and get the job done.

Using a MindSpa with your eyes open can be very helpful for students who are studying for exams. I got my daughter to use one when she had some important exams coming up and was finding it difficult to concentrate on her work.She said it really helped her to stop daydreaming and to focus her attention on her revision material.

It’s long been known that you can assimilate new information more easily and retain it more efficiently when your mind is in a state of relaxed meditation. The MindSpa can help you get into that calm state easily and effortlessly. And, yes, my daughter got great grades in her exams !

Find out more about meditation and how a MindSpa Meditation Machine can help you.

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