Vivid Mental Images Explanation

As you go throughout your day and hear some sound or experience a random image may pop into your head. While there is much debate as to why and how this occurs, researchers have come to the conclusion that it is an absolutely natural phenomenon. Despite the name, these mental images are capable of being triggered by any of your five senses.

Daydreaming is one of the more usual habits that provokes these images. When you are in a situation where your mind easily wanders, such as being in class or working on a mildly repetitive task, the images tend to show up. A lot of people find themselves watching a mental video while reading a book as their mind takes in the words. Or you can force a mental images as you attempt to remember something such as how a word looks when it is spelled out. Due to the fact all of what we do through our five sense is stored mentally, as we enter a certain frame of mind the image can be recalled.

Many research still debate this, but there are those who say all these images are put together to make the world come together for them. The whole concept of this process has been raising the interests of people since the time of socrates and plato. Many people tend to experience this while in a warm car and fully relaxed on the open road.

Many other ways of relaxation can be used such as that many have found to work wonderfully.

Although many researchers feel it may be a form of idealism, others see the brain as a digital computer with different elements controlling different functions; some voluntary and others involuntary. What researchers can agree on is that the brain works not only in a visual mode, but is also full of energy and movement that rarely works in tandem. This is because specific sections of the brain can interfere with the workings of other parts.

Of course, some individuals are better at retrieving mental images than others, though it is unclear why this is the case. One thing clear in studies associated with this fact; however, is the fact that those who have better recall of mental images also have better recall of details in real life. If two people witnessed a murder, for example, the one with a better developed mental imagery system would be able to recall specifics of the crime better than the one who did not have this skill.

For teachers, parents, teachers, students, and business owners this information could be very important as it can indicate preferred learning styles. This can affect the ability to learn new information and, ultimately, the level of performance that can be achieved. Additionally, the ability to utilize mental images influences the choices made in later life as well as behavior.

Another important aspect is the fact mental images can be used to relieve stress. A person can use various methods such as meditation, autogenics, and biofeedback in order to reach a higher level of relaxation to relieve yourself of all the tensions life can cause for you. If someone is experiencing anxiety, frustration, and even simple stress, the brain combats them through mental imaging to help relax the body. Basically through this method of relaxing, you focus on an image in your mind so you can get the most out of the process.

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