Ways To Start Your Meditation Practice

Whether you’re stressed out about classes, your job, or just need a clearer mind, meditation can be a great retreat and option. The benefits are huge of course, but the problem of many is that it may be a challenge to get started. Below is a list you can do to help you set when beginning meditation.

Designate a quiet spot – find a spot in your home that would be ideal for meditation. Clear out all the clutter and make it as peaceful as possible. If it helps, add a yoga mat, a few candles, or even a plant to help calm the environment. Make sure this space isn’t used for anything else – and is far enough away from the area you work (if you have a home office). It should be designated for meditation and meditation only.

Wear comfortable clothing – You don’t have to dress in sweats, but make sure you’re wearing something that you’re comfortable in. Meditation is all about relaxing the mind AND body, so it’s essential you feel 100% comfortable. I’ve found that yoga pants and a light t-shirt are best for me.

Set aside time each day – While learning, it’s important that you have a designated meditation time that you can commit to every day. It does take practice, and having a pre-set time in your schedule is the best way to do it. Many recommend the morning as an ideal time because your mind isn’t cluttered with thoughts or the stresses of the day. And, you’ll begin your work day feeling refreshed.

Focus on breathing. Wherever you are, just spend a few minutes and really focus on your breathing. Deep breaths are essential for relaxation. Meditation will help you not only do this during your practice, but throughout the day as well. The effect is just really calming.

Find a mantra. This is another strategy that’s a big help for those who are new to meditating is to find a mantra to repeat to yourself to help calm your thoughts and mind. I use the phrase, “om mani padme hum,” which literally means “jewel in the lotus.” Repeat this to yourself, but focus on the words, not on the meaning. Listen to the sound of each syllable and how it sounds as it rolls off your tongue. This can be used as a great relaxation technique, and also helps to calm you down in high-stress situations.

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