What Exactly Is Premonition?

A bad future event which is about to take place is associated with premonition. Premonition refers to a state when one is able to predict future events which may not be necessarily pleasant.

Generally this kind of sensation occurs before accidents, deaths, disasters or other events which are emotionally charged. An event which is about to take place in the future and is an indication of something bad that is about to take place, something unpleasant is referred to as premonition.

There is a close association with the premonition sensation and precognition at times as missing of any clear-cut demarcation between them. But there is difference between the two. There are sensations associated with premonitions associated with certain conditions like depression, distress, physical uneasiness where no probable justifications can be given. The feelings associated or felt with this are unexplained; yet the associated feelings are bound to take place. Precognition on the other hand has more accuracy. Precognition involves visions about an event or dreams which are to take place in the future.

When premonitions occur in a state of our full awakeness, they are more predominant rather than those which take place in our dreams. This is so because in the dreams these are often disguised as symbols which often do not get noticed. On the other hand if these symbols often recur in dreams, one learns to be familiar with emotional tones or unique symbols.

Sometimes one gets early intuitive warnings by premonitions yet the registration of these in the conscious mind does not take place since they are very faint. However, the subconscious mind registers the intuitive warnings apparently. In a nutshell premonition is also defined as anticipation of an event with no any obvious motive.

Premonition should be regarded as a gifted ability. There are known individuals who are quite apprehensive with premonitions and do not talk about it openly. They have a guilt factor associated with the premonitions that they get. However it must be understood that premonition is a state that is absolutely gifted and can be utilised effectively to alter an adversity.

If you are one of those with this gifted ability or know someone who possesses this ability, you must yourself or encourage that person to talk about it in person. You may not even realize that this ability of yours can help save many people from a disaster or a disastrous impact from occurring. So take this as a blessing and the next time ensure to discuss and talk about it freely. You will feel the difference yourself and soon realize the power possessed.

The two differing schools of thought on premonitions view this as a boon and bane. The one which sees this as a boon believes that the blessed person can save the society and surroundings from a disastrous event or at least its impact. The other school of thought who considers this as a bane actually takes this as something which is unpleasant and something which is not considered as good.

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