What Is A Past Life Experience?

Past life experience is simply the combination of deeds, behaviors, creative pursuits, circumstances faced or knowledge accumulated by one in his previous birth time. In other words, the rhythmic manifestation of Karma in the process of reincarnation is actually the past life experience.

It is said that our ageless, formless subtle within, that is , our soul is immortal and after the death of our physical body it manifests itself in this world through another physical body of a new born to live the life on this world again. According to ancient cultures and religions, it is our past life experiences that is the basis of who we are, how we are and what we face in our current lives.

Thus, almost every situation we face in our life is the result of our karma or our past life experiences. The accumulated karma of the past writes our destinies in future. Hence, if we have been good in our past life, we would be born fortunate in our current life in a good family, a healthy body and fortunate circumstances. On the contrary if we have been bad, harming other people, all of that will come back to us manifold in the next birth.

Have you ever experienced fear about certain things which are otherwise unreasonable? Say, fear of darkness, fear of betrayal, fear of closed spaces, the reasons behind all your phobias for instance? For example, if you have a phobia of water, chances are that you had drowned in your previous birth. So it can be seen that past life experience remains embedded in our subconscious which explains a lot of things of our present life.

Past life experiences also accounts for the unexplainable attractions that one has in his current life time. Uncanny attractions to a distant place or a specific culture, or even experiences of profound emotional impact regarding a particular event in history – Hasn’t it ever crossed your mind that the cause behind this lies in your past life experiences? It may well be the fact that you were born in that place or have been a part of the culture or the historical event in your previous birth.

Not only about places, cultures or events but even personal relations that one has in his life are inherently intertwined with his past life experiences. Strong emotional attachments in one’s life, be it your life partner, best friend, without any blood connection may as well be a continuation of a relation you had with him in your past life. Your best friend, who you have helped in all the ways possible, backstabs you in the darkest of betrayals possible – Can it be a revenge of your karma or your own deeds, of what calamity you had brought upon him in your past life experiences?

You can say for sure that whatever we are now, however we behave or whatever knowledge we can accumulate is being pulled by the string of past life experiences or Karma. Our current problems regarding negative energies like ego, anger, fear or depressions can be dealt with past life regression techniques which can be used to recollect past life experiences.

PLRT is a process of hypnotic induction of a series of questions and suggestions that help one’s mind to attain a state of focused attention in order to remember information about past life experiences from the subconscious. It is an extremely powerful and spiritual journey of self awareness and self development which enables you to know your true self, releasing your pent up negative energies and unleashing your creativity making you aware of your true potential.

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