What Is It That Makes Clairvoyants Psychic?

It’s often pondered by many over how clairvoyants becomes psychic, or if it’s a simple matter of genetics. Is this a skill that anyone can achieve in time, or it something that is based on pure luck? If anyone can become one, how is it possible?

It has been widely thought of that we all, in some shape or form, have a type of psychic ability, if not many at the same time. It simply is a matter as to whether or not one can or chooses to recognize that they have it, the magnitude in which they do, and how well they learn to develop those skills. We may all have some form of psychic experience at some point and time, with some of us being born to naturally sense it, while others learning to do so gradually.

Even if we never learn to pick up a brush or how to fine-tune our skill, we can still appreciate the affect and take notice of paintings around us and feel moved by what we see. However, for those who are either natural or learn to become skilled at it later can eventually learn the basics or the mechanics to where they’re comfortable doing it, and may even be skilled at one method than another or find themselves less skilled than another without practice.

Natural-born clairvoyants are likely to develop their abilities slowly over time. They may gain a subtle flash or image here, or experience something more drastic there, often with it not making sense to them or causing fear. Some may never come to truly recognize or understand that they have the gift to begin with, but may see signs of their abilities without even knowing what it is. Others may simply choose to ignore that they have it due to fear and misunderstanding, or feeling that it’s illogical or what they experience has some form of logical explanation.

Those who are natural-born and do recognize their abilities, even without knowing what’s happening, are likely to start doing so quite young, often finding it confusing or frightening without some form of guidance to understand what they have. Fortunately, with such a wide-spread amount information about those with psychic abilities being put out there, whether on TV or in movies and books, people are now more aware of these signs for what they are and know that they’re not alone.

Other types of clairvoyants are ones who may not show any signs of their abilities until later, whether they just happen to be dormant, with the rare moment here or there, or they go through an event that triggers something within them. Such an event can be anything–a traumatic physical, psychological or spiritual experience such as a near-death experience. It’s something that jump-starts that psychic sense of awareness into action, often gradually and subtly, or they witness it first hand by other means.

Many may not experience any type of psychic abilities at all or find that they possess any. However, we all have, at one time or another, felt some sense of psychic awareness that couldn’t be explained away–it was just a matter of looking at it a little more closely. For instance, you may have felt watched by someone who you couldn’t see, or felt a presence around you when there was no reasonable explanation. Perhaps you get a certain opinion about a person and dislike them or feel good about them straight away, even when you don’t know anything of them other than the vibe that you get.

Often times, the skills that clairvoyants use are simply just a heightened sense of self, which can be explained much like that of what animals do whenever they sense danger it. It is a mental sixth sense to compliment the five senses we use every single day of our lives to guide and protect ourselves. With clairvoyants, however, it is merely a matter of fine-tuning those skills to a more advanced level that can come naturally or with practice.

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