What is New Age Meditation?

It is a version of meditation that is said to be more up-to-date and has been influenced by today’s popular New Age Culture.  Essentially, it is a mix of Eastern Philosophy that mixes Western ideas and culture to form new ideas.

The various techniques of New Age Meditation are very popular with newcomers to the world of meditation because it is so modern, innovative, and original.  They work not only with a combination of Eastern and Western philosophies and religions, but also use scientific innovations and advancements that continue to make meditation so popular today.

Until New Age Meditation came along, most people were skeptical and a bit squeamish towards the idea of meditation.  But since it has been proven that meditation provides many health benefits to our lives and is now prescribed by doctors, fitness experts, and dieticians alike to implement it into our daily lives, it has gained a huge following of people from all walks of life who want to learn more not only about meditation itself, but also New Age wisdom and how it can impact their lives as well as their overall well being.

Forms of New Age Meditation that you are probably the most familiar with is Transcendental Meditation.  This was first introduced to us in San Francisco during the heyday of the Hippie Era of the 1960s and the 1970s when many young adults of the day were sick of traditional belief systems and wanted to create one of their own.  It was also a familiar form of meditation for artists such as Allen Ginsberg and George Harrison who wanted to seek greater inspiration from the Universe that they could implement into their art forms.  In fact, because of New Age Meditation or what was then known as Transcendental Meditation, some of the greatest works of art, music, etc. that we call classics and know of today, came from this era.

If you are looking to get into meditation that involves living stress-free, then perhaps New Age Meditation is the one for you.  It is a kind of meditation method that doesn’t stick to only one way or one form of meditating.  It encompasses all belief systems, spiritualities, etc. into one package that can be put to use individually according to your own needs and wants.  In fact, there are no strict rules when it comes to the process and techniques of New Age meditation.  As long as you try to gain a stress-free calming lifestyle, you have essentially reached its ultimate goal.

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