What We Might Interpret From Videos For Improving Psychic Abilities And Their Teachings

There are many videos for improving psychic abilities available to the public, and all of them free. The concept (being psychic) may seem a little shady, though, especially because the term assumes a great deal of intelligence. The truth of the matter is that what it means to be psychic may be entirely different than one might think.

To avoid wasting your time, let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way. You won’t learn to move things with your mind, or to read someone’s thoughts. You won’t, in any way, become super human or have special powers. All you’re doing is interpreting a series of personal feelings and what you sense based on what’s around you.

So it’s not about being super intelligent, which is why everyone can learn it. In fact, everyone already has an amount of psychic ability. Basically, when you hear something or feel something when there’s nothing around to have physically caused it, it’s your way of “sensing” what’s going on. One’s level of psychic ability is derived from what you determine based on these senses. It’s not one’s ability to read other people’s minds and other such nonsense.

That being said, the videos you can watch on developing psychic ability are very basic. They aren’t helping you to physically develop powers of any kind, they’re simply showing theory. That means that they’ll explain what it means to be psychic, and how to improve on your personal ability. They simply help you to define what you might be sensing.

When I say senses, I don’t mean hearing a car pass by. The idea behind being psychic is based off your “personal bubble” (or personal space) and the things within it. When something enters this bubble, or something already in the bubble stands out, your brain might give you a signal. That signal could be a sound, image, or feeling, and, using psychic ability, you will be able to figure out what it means.

The conclusions we draw are based off of the sense we are using. How well we use it is defined based on the sense. For example, if we picture an image, it’s clairvoyance; if we hear a sound, it’s clairaudience; and if we have a feeling, it’s clairsentience. All that means is “seeing/hearing/feeling clearly”, or basically just making your own assessment based on previous experience.

So are these videos for improving psychic abilities actually providing you with ability or power of some kind? That depends on how you define it. They may explain something to you that you’ve never really noticed before, or understood, but it’s not something that your comic book hero has. The only mind reading you’ll be doing is your own, so try not to get your hopes up too high.

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