Why Chakra Meditation?

This form of meditation strengthens weak chakras and brings overall health, wisdom and happiness to a person. Chakra meditation is good for recharging the body, mind and soul. It revitalizes a person from within.

How to do chakra meditation

It is essential to do this type of meditation under supervised expert guidance. Imbalances in chakras can lead to complications.

Here are the steps to perform chakra meditation:

  • Sit down cross legged in a quiet, dimly lit room
  • Keep your spine straight but not stiff
  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax
  • For Root chakra
    • With every breath imagine energy buildup up in the base of the spine
    • Imagine yourself drawing energy from the earth through the root chakra
  • For Navel Chakra
    • Feel the concentration of energy in the womb area
    • Imagine a warm lava flow out of this center
  • For Solar Plexus Chakra
    • Sense the movement of your diaphragm
    • Let the stomach muscles relax deeply
  • For Heart Chakra
    • Imagine the heart getting stronger
    • Feel a light coming out of this area
  • For Throat Chakra
    • Inhale with force
    • Then relax the tongue, neck muscles and shoulders
  • For Brow Chakra
    • Close your eyes and focus on the point between eyebrows
    • Try and “see” this area with closed eyes
    • Observe the things you see here
  • For Crown Chakra
    • Imagine a thousand petalled beautiful lotus blossoming from the tip of the head
    • It starts being a deep violet color and results in bright white light

Chakra meditation when done right can even bring you Moksha or union with God. It is very powerful and stabilizing for the body. It brings harmony and inner peace to a person.

Tune up your chakra here!

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