Why You Should Practice Daily Positive Affirmation

Since ‘daily’ was the word of focus in my last post, here I am with another positive affirmation post stressing the need to consistently practice constructive thoughts. As discussed earlier, daily positive affirmation phrases do have an optimistic influence over your subconscious mind. This is a widely acknowledged belief system with hardly any apprehensions regarding its credibility. Affirmations emerging out of a constructive belief system and positive faith can significantly affect life in general.

Mainly, positive affirmations are described as meager thoughts that you mumble and murmur in your mind that enables to boost up self esteem and confidence. All these affirmative words and phrases transmit a positive aura and gives vigor, vitality, interest and sharp focus to an individual. All these factors incur attributes like firm determination which enable him/her in overcoming every day obstacles. It is a common tendency in people that they consider negative thoughts casually and perceive them as normal. This happens due to loss of internal creative zeal of an individual and he gets whitewashed with stagnant and negative thoughts. This is the point when positive affirmations can come handy. These affirmations facilitate people to achieve a better positive rational approach towards life while relishing complete psychological growth at the same time.

A daily positive affirmation is known to follow the fundamental ’cause-&-effect’ model. Consider your mind to be a printer system. The data you feed it will decide the outcome. If you are unhappy with your life, just feed your system with different thoughts and you’ll likely receive new results. A daily positive affirmation acts as new information for your brain to work upon.

How to Practice Daily positive Affirmation

There are myriad techniques to help you practice daily positive affirmation. The first thing you’ll need is a comfortable place and ambiance. Here are some practice techniques to aid your daily positive affirmation.

1. The Mirror Technique: This method involves standing in front of the mirror and repeating your chosen daily positive affirmation phrase. It is imperative that you stand upright and look straight into your eyes while the process lasts. This method is highly recommended for people with low self esteem as it helps them overlook their bodily defects and focus on the inner confidence.

2. Write positive thoughts: Think of a positive thought and pen it down in a notebook. You can write an optimistic outlook towards your life or even a dream you want to achieve. By having a personal notebook, you can note down all the positive thoughts you think during the day and then say them loud. Or you can also write what you don’t like and trash it. This makes you feel that you have thrown away your negative thoughts.

3. Meditation: Besides calming your inner self and healing emotions, meditation also helps build a positive outlook. This involves sitting quietly and searching your subconscious mind for insights, help and guidance. You can then proceed to repeat your daily positive affirmation several times. Remember, breathe normally and restrict your limb movements to a minimum.

A daily positive affirmation is an effective approach to feed your system with positive energy. With little effort, you can change the way you look at the world. So, when it comes to positive affirmations, you are the only one who can decide what goes into your mind as thoughts, perceive reality in a new way and create yourself a better future.

Without a doubt, a constant daily optimistic affirmation can change your entire life and personality. You’ll notice a sea change in your near and dear ones. Most of all, you’ll see yourself getting what you want from life.

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