Your Past Lives Hold The Secret To Your Present

Around the world, many people hold it on faith that we are not limited to one single life. Rather, we are born again and again, experiencing the world a little differently each time. It is a great comfort to realize that we have been here before and that we will be here again. Common sense, otherwise known as that little voice in the back of our heads, tells us that it must be true. This life is not all there is. And there are some easy ways we can explore our past lives to learn more about ourselves.

Take a close look at yourself. Start keeping a journal if you don’t have one already. Write down everything that happens to you, even if it does not seem important at the time. Events might come up again later and gain more significance through repetition. Strong emotions are one thing to look for when you are reading your entries. They may suggest a link to the past or, when put together, create a clear picture of a past life.

Make lists. Think about the things that are important to you, the things that create a strong emotional reaction. Think about your own personality, the way you do things and the things you wish you could do. Focus on the things you really love and the things you truly hate. From the way your brother tickled you to the tick of the clock, from your that little quirk of your first lover to the adorable way the cat curls up in your lap, the littlest things, when taken together, can have great meaning.

There are also your dreams. They have long been held to be significant as harbingers of the future, but they are also offer an excellent view of the past. It is all in how you look at them. Write them down in as much detail as you can remember. They contain powerful symbols. The meanings of these symbols can be pulled out over time so long as we write them all down.

If your dreams are not as vivid as you might like, try positive suggestion. By reminding our brain that we need to explore our past lives, we prime it for getting work done while we sleep. Practice makes perfect, so if at first you do not succeed, try and try again. Eventually you will see an improvement and will be able to pull your past right out of your dream world and into the present.

Meditation is like positive suggestion, only you are still awake. It takes a certain amount of discipline and self-reliance to practice deep meditation, but there is a simpler method for those of us whose schedules do not allow for hours of relaxed thought.

You can also prod your mind during the day as you go about your regular chores. In the supermarket, the bank, walking down the street. These are all times when the brain is idling along, not doing anything much. Remind it that you want to know all about your past lives and then forget about it again. At first you will have to pay close attention to find the answers to your questions, but soon they will become easier to spot.

There are people who can help you if you are not immediately drawn to conclusions from all this writing. Trained past-life regression therapists are certified to help you experience past lives and then help you interpret what they mean for you in the present. Two groups, the International Association for Regression and Research Therapies or the International Association of Past Life Therapists offer certification for these professionals so that you can rest assured they know what they are doing. They also have listings of their members so you can find one close to where you live, or even online.

People who try regression usually find the experience helpful, whatever their original belief about reincarnation. So go ahead and try it! You might be surprised.

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