Diviner Trance Chapter 4

Though I dislike to dwell on the subject, I feel that I should call the attentiveness of my students to the fact that selected teachers seek to produce the abnormal psychic condition by means of guided meditations online exhausting breathing exercises, which make the person dizzy and sleepy.
This is all wrong. Though rhythmic breathing exercises have a various value in psychic phenomena, and are harmless while properly practiced, nevertheless such practices when those to which I have alluded are harmful to the nervous system of the person, and too tend to induce undesirable psychic conditions. Again, a quantity of teachers have sought to have their students hold their breath for comparatively stretched periods of time in order to bring about abnormal psychic states. The slightest knowledge of physiology informs one that such a prepare must be harmful; it causes the blood to become thick and impure, and deficient in oxygen.

It certainly will produce a kind of drowsiness, for the same reason that impure air in a room will do the same thing—in both cases the blood stream is poisoned and made impure. The purpose of rational and normal breathing is to obviate barely this thing—so these teachers are reversing a natural law of the body, in order to produce an abnormal psychic state. With everything the energy in me, I caution you against this kind of thing.

Along the same line, I protest and warn you against the practices advised by several teachers of “psychic development,” who seek to have their pupils induce abnormal physical and psychic conditions by means of drugs, odor of various chemicals, gases, etc. Such practices, whilst everything true occultists know, belong to the clans of the Black Magicians, or devil worshippers, of the savage races—they have no position in true occult teachings. Common sense alone free online meditations should warn persons away from such things—but it seems to fail various of them. I assert without fear of intelligent contradiction, that no true occultist ever countenances any such practices as these.

All the true teachers are vigorous in their denunciation of such false teachings and harmful practices. In this same category, I position the methods which are taught by several persons, namely, that of inducing abnormal physical and psychic condition of giddiness and haziness by means of “whirling” around in a circle until one drops from giddiness, or until one “feels queer in the head.” This is a revival of the practices of a few fanatics in Persia and India, who perform it whilst a religious rite until they fall into what they judge a “holy sleep,” but which is nothing more than an abnormal and unhealthful physical and psychic condition. Such practices are a downward step, not an upward one. It seems a pity that the necessity has arisen for such warnings when these—but my duty, when I notice it, is very plain. To everything who are tempted to “develop” in this way, I say, positively, “DON’T!”

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