Extrasensory Perception – Does Science Lack The Knowledge?

There has always been a vast debate as to whether extrasensory perception (ESP) is actually factual. Still today ESP is misinterpreted by many who don’t understand the concept. What this means is one receives information that is gained through the deep subconscious.

All humans have had an ESP experience some or other time and are really not an unfamiliar practice. We have all used the term such as I have a strong gut feeling, or my sixth sense tell me not to do this etc. The sixth sense is a natural warning “survival” mechanism. And believe it or not every living creature on the planet shares has this ability in one way or another.

Extrasensory perception has been dissected by scientists while trying to theoretically pin point whether this is valid or not. The ganzfeld experiment has been used by parapsychologists in order for them to try and obtain factual evidence that extrasensory perception exists. Scientists have shunned the fact because of lack of an explanation or any theory supplying reliable evidence.

Within many ancient cultures as well as indigenous people extrasensory perceptions has been noted as common practice and still exists in modern day times whereby there is communication with their ancestors as well as spirits and these people have been termed as having the second sight which in ancient times were termed witches and were persecuted or burned.

Much later did scientists as well as many other professionals begin to devise solid techniques such as designing cards that has significant symbols like squares, circles, stars, waves, crosses and circle patterns on then and made up a pack of twenty five cards called Zener Cards?

The test ran as follows whereby the psychologist or researcher would look as say 4 cards, and the person being tested would in turn tell the researcher what cards they had in their hand. The cards were shuffled by hand as well as a machine to make sure there was no specified order in which the cards were laid out. Later a dice was also used, and both methods proved better than chance. Eventually after many years of research extrasensory perception became accepted. This then led scientists to start investigating into the unconscious mental processes which would eventually lead them to understanding the human personality.

It was later found that people who were aware of extrasensory perception on taking the card or dice test scored highly as opposed to those who were sceptical. And this was defined as follows – believers (sheep) and sceptics (goats) hence this is now known by professionals as the sheep-goat effect. Professionals then went even further and started including meditation, and the REM sleep procedures which later proved even more effective.

In modern day this is now accepted as the norm and extrasensory perception is termed as parapsychology and making certain types of psychic phenomena such as astral projection and telepathy as well as telekinesis a standard phenomena accepted by science as well as these being accepted as spontaneous occurrences. It was also found that these experiences were not able to be controlled or replicated in any way.

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