Healing Meditation

Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Individuals who seek better physical and psychological health use healing meditation. Many people who use this form of meditation are looking to cure an illness and restore their body back to its former state.

When we use healing meditation, we are basically reprogramming our thought process. This type of meditation turns negative thinking into positive reflection. It is believed that some people bring illness onto themselves by way of negative thinking. Meditation can restore your health back to its original state if you focus on positive thoughts reflecting wholeness and good health.

How To Go About Using A Healing Meditation

Individuals who use healing meditation do so in a variety of ways.

Some picture the disease in their body and its ravaging effects on their physical condition. During meditation they focus their minds on reversing this process by picturing something, which destroys the disease. For example, you see cancer cells eating away at your body.

You then picture a laser going into your body to zap out the cancer cells. Another way is to picture an inanimate object such as a plate or a glass.

You can imagine yourself going to your kitchen and taking one of these objects out of the cabinet.

Look for cracks or breaks in the object. If the object is damaged, make repairs or throw it out.

Once the repairs have been made, give it a good shine and put it back.

Do this for all your plates or glasses until you feel spiritually cleansed. At the end of your healing meditation thank anyone who assisted you in your meditation state.

Remember, people who use this kind of meditation need to be actively involved in the process itself in order to reap the benefits of feeling healthy and whole again!

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