How To Understand Extrasensory

When a person is asked about extrasensory, most commonly a person links extrasensory to the psych. Although, this is true, because extrasensory senses are located in the brain, and the ability to increase the strength of any extrasensory sense depends on the amount of time one spends on evolving existing psych senses.

Similar to physical senses, these extrasensory senses can be enhanced, depending on the amount of understanding a person has of the entire concept. Physical senses such as vision can be enhanced by consuming an increased amount of Vitamin A. Vitamin A includes the essential vitamins that assist the eyes which are the center of the physical sense of vision.

Extra sensory senses are a little more difficult to enhance because the brain is the central hub which holds all six of the known extrasensory senses. The brain and ways of thinking can be negatively effected by so many mind altering situations and consumptions that a person has to have one main goal to perfect these senses and not allow the ability of focusing these methods to be distracted by anything or anyone.

One example of good is when a terrible situation has happened and a child looks to their mother for guidance, because the child has no idea how to cope. The mother, being older says what her mother said, it will all work out in the end. In reality, the mother is just carrying on advice handed down through the generations, however how many mother actually realize why that advice is so true.

Now once the person has chosen intuition and wants to understand this extrasensory sense better. There has to be a personal protection caused by the aura, or when children are involved, children are most protected while close to their mother. Thus, protected by the mother’s aura. Once an aura cannot be penetrated, the aura does not diminish unless there is a head injury or a sickness that centers around or inside the head.

The intuition extrasensory talent relates to the top of the head. Which explains when thoughts practically come out of nowhere, this is a misconception.

There are so many individuals which possess these god given abilities, but many fears limit these individuals from evolving or perfecting these senses. There are many factors which limit these abilities. One factor is when a head trauma was involved, and the physically injured individual has lost the protection of their own aura, which surrounds the head like a force field.

The only real way to see the proof of the existence of extrasensory senses, is to put the suspect under a fine microscope, and when it becomes a known fact that this individual is not doing anything out of line to prove earlier predictions, then the truth will be known.

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