In What Way Can ESP Powers Be Used To Help Others?

Many people are curious as to the powers of ESP, they have heard the word, may even know someone who has one or more of them, but as to what they main and what would come under this category would ESP powers is beyond them, which is what I hope to change today with this article. There are certain abilities that some people have that are beyond those of many other people. The closest many people come to having ESP is to be able to guess correctly that the phone is about to ring, or of who is the caller.

It has been said that there are many people who have such powers and that as we only use 10% of our brains at any one time there has got to be a function for the other 90% while we are only using such a small portion. There have been tests done on people with such powers and it has been proved that they are using portions of their brain that other people do not, so there is definitely something going on there.

The powers of ESP are categorized into 4 different powers, which one will depend on the powers a person has and I would like to tell you about each of these powers as well as what they enable the gifted one to be able to do that others cannot.

Telepathy is the first that I would like to tell you about. Someone who has telepathic powers is able to find out what another person is thinking about at a given time, and you may have seen this done on television, but if you have these powers it is not through trickery as in a magician, it is actually what someone naturally has the capabilities to do. This kind of communication does not involve reading answers, sign language or asking the person what is in their mind, it is to the gifted person something they can just do.

The next is clairvoyance which has also been called remote viewing by some. This means that a person has the abilities to know where maybe an object or person is without having any information of such. The police investigation unit have asked people with such powers to help them in cases of missing people as well as murder investigations to give the family peace of mind, and even though some are skeptical of such abilities many cases have been solved with the help of someone with such powers.

Precognition is the third power I would like you to know about. Precognition is when someone is aware of what will happen time before it actually does. One person who was famous for such readings in Nostradamus, and although he is no longer with us many people still follow the books with his predictions that he left behind. The way this can help is that accidents can be avoided, as well as if someone is going down a path that could lead to hurt, even relationships that the person asking the clairvoyant for help is in may be deemed to fail, at least through knowing this the person is eventually able to move on and get on with their life.

The last one I wish you to know about is definitely not the least powerful as each one has it’s own uses is the power of telekinesis. What a person with this power is able to do is to move or bend a certain object with their mind, some people under this category is also able to think about something they would like to occur and it does.

The powers that come with ESP are something that are stronger in some people than others. It is a gift that should be used wisely and hopefully to help others.

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