Introducing Meditation

If you’ve never tried meditation before then a treat awaits you!

There are many methods of meditating, so you should explore them to find the method that best suits you.

Many people find that a breathing meditation is one of the simplest methods to learn with. After all, we are all capable of breathing!

Start by getting yourself into a comfortable position. Sitting down is usually best. Make sure that you are unlikely to be disturbed. Put some gentle music on in the background if that helps.

Then gently breathe in. Notice your breathing. Focus on it. Notice how the air feels. Notice how your lungs fill up with air.

Then gently exhale. Again, notice the exhalation. And “see” impurities leaving your body as you breathe out.

Repeat this process several more times. Slow down the pace of your breathing with each breathing cycle.

As your first meditation, aim for at least 10 breathing cycles.

Next time, go for a longer session. Or buy one of the many excellent guided meditations that will talk you through the process.

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