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Incredible as it may be, there is about 90% of our brains which go unused. Just imagine the possibilities which would be opened up by being able to use this vast untapped potential source of mindpower. The possibilities are hard to imagine, but all of us have a lot of psychic potential which is going unused and the results of using this could be amazing.

Scientists agree that people who exhibit psychic and extra sensory abilities must be able to use these abilities due to somehow using that 90% of the human mind which usually lies idle. Some people appear to have these abilities from birth but others develop their mindpower and start using these latent talents later on in life.

We’re not sure yet how it works, but there is ongoing research into how our own mindpower can influence the world we live in.

In fact recent scientific studies are starting to verify what the ancient religions have been saying for thousands of years, that reality is merely a product of your mind, and if you change the way you think, then you can change your reality – mindpower is in fact the only reality!

And with films such as ‘The Secret’ which explains the theory of the law of attraction, people are realizing that by changing the way they see things and by using their mind power, they can attract abundance and anything they want into their life.

The law of attraction is essentially all about how cause and effect works in the realm of our thoughts. Like any other action we take, our thoughts can cause things to happen. When we develop our mindpower and learn how to focus these thoughts, we can use this cause to effect change in the world.

The subconscious mind appears to be out means of communicating with the universe and channeling universal energy as well as being the source of psychic abilities like telepathy.

The way to build your mindpower is to start communicating between your conscious and subconscious mind. There are a number of methods which you can mean to build this link and develop mindpower through allowing access to the subconscious.

Affirmations:- Affirmations are a powerful means of boosting mindpower by repeating desired outcomes until they reach your subconscious mind; your subconscious then taps into your reserves of mindpower to change your behavior, then making your goals a reality.

For example, you could increase your self esteem with affirmation such as ‘I am a confident, successful person’. You can also use affirmations to break bad habits, using sayings like ‘I do not smoke and have no desire to have a cigarette’.

Affirmations eventually sink into the subconscious mind when repeated. Your subconscious then influences your behavior to bring about the desired result.

So just take this a stage further and realize that anything you want to change will change; not just your behavioral habits but absolutely everything in your reality. This is mindpower!

Visualization:- Using visualization to develop mindpower involves closing your eyes and imagining what you want to happen. Your subconscious mind reacts strongly to pictures. Visualize yourself being successful. Imagine yourself will everything you have ever dreamed of! Visualize that new house, that new car. You can even make a scrapbook beforehand containing pictures of everything you want to manifest to help you focus. Visualize consistently and it really will appear in your life.

Visualization is a powerful technique for building up mindpower and bringing latent psychic abilities to the surface. When you visualize being able to use your psychic abilities, they will be strengthened and your mindpower will be developed so that you’ll have access to your natural abilities.

Hypnosis:- Hypnosis is a powerful means of reaching and communicating with the subconscious, which helps develop mindpower. A professional hypnotherapist can place you into a hypnotic trance and give suggestions to your subconscious mind which can increase mindpower and help you to affect behavioral changes.

Alternatively you can try self hypnosis where you listen to a recording of a hypnotherapist going through the session. The advantage of this, apart from the cost, is that you can keep listening to it over and over again.

Brainwave entrainment:- This is a new audio technology which is brainwave synchronization. This changes instantly your brainwaves to a certain frequency. This can result in many things. At a certain frequency you can improve your memory. At another frequency natural endorphins are released into your body which heal and alleviate pain.

Other frequencies are used to tune your brainwaves into the frequency which causes a deep state of meditation which allows the subconscious mind to be communicated with and builds mindpower.

There are also frequencies which stimulate the chakras – these are the human body’s energy centers. The third eye chakra is a chakra which controls psychic abilities.

In fact you do not even really ‘develop’ these powers. They are inside you already. It is thought that humans many thousands of years ago had this enhanced mindpower, but it became repressed and locked deep inside the mind.

When we talk about developing mindpower, what we really mean is unlocking the potential psychic abilities which are present in every person and starting to access the potential of that 90% of the brain which we don’t use every day.

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