Meditation Chant

The term meditation chant is used interchangeably with the word mantra; which can be a syllable or may be a group of syllables.

Syllables are sound vibrations that help in clearing the mind and getting rid of stress and anxieties.

The main objective of this type of meditation is the same as other types of meditation: to achieve inner peace and mental calmness.

Meditation chanting can be practiced anywhere because if you are repeating a word or phrases in your mind, no one hear it except you.

You can do it at any place, whether it’s in your office, classroom or wherever. In short, whenever you feel anxious or stressed, you can try a meditation chant to yourself to get of the worries. Of course, if you’re in your own “space” then you can chant out loud if you prefer.

It will help you in getting mental freshness.

It is also a good practice to experience meditation chanting while lying down for sleep. The repetition of mantras in your brain will help your body in getting relaxed.

A meditation chant won’t necessarily provide you with the solutions to your problems. Instead, it helps you to make good decisions with the help of your stress-less and fresh mind.

How to Chant

One of the advantages of using a meditation chant is that there are no specific rules for this type of meditation.

You can experience it anywhere, anytime.

To be precise, there are two basic ways of chanting.

One way is called as personal meditation in which you can chant alone anywhere at anytime.

The other type of chant is the one in which a person chants as a response to others. This is usually supported by some musical instruments and some clapping.

Both provide their own advantages and both are equally beneficial.

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