Meditation Machines UK: Choosing A Meditation Machine

Some people like to use a meditation machine to help with their meditative process.

The idea is that the machine will help with putting you into the correct brain state to allow your meditation to be effective, even if you’re still a relative beginner at meditating.

Most meditation machines in UK and elsewhere work on the same principle: you’ll listen to relaxing music and possibly wear a pair of special glasses that flash lights that are synchronised to the music.

A lot of people have reported great results from using meditation machines in UK and across the world.

The only snag is that these machines are quite expensive as you not only have to buy the device itself but usually also the tracks to play on it.

Another alternative isn’t as high tech but gets very similar results to those achieved with meditation machines…

The alternative involves meditation MP3 files, transferred to your iPod or burned to CD.

You then just listen to the specially recorded meditation track on your headphones. The track takes care of getting your brainwaves to the right frequency and there is usually a progression of tracks to take you gradually deeper and deeper into a meditative state.

One of the best meditation sets I’ve found is the Meditation Program. It’s effective as well as being both cheaper and quicker than it’s main rival, Centerpointe.

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