Medium REVERIE Section 3

If you will stop a moment and achieve how easily you concentrate your attention while you are witnessing an fascinating play, or listening to a beautiful rendition of a few terrible masterpiece of musical composition, or gazing at selected miracle of art, you will catch sight of what I mean.

In the cases just mentioned, although your concentration is completely deep meditation online classes occupied with the interesting thing before you, so that you have almost completely shut out the outer world of sound, sight and thought, you are, nevertheless, perfectly wide awake and your consciousness is alert. The same thing is true when you are reading a very remarkable book—the world is shut out from your consciousness, and you are oblivious to the sights and sounds around you. At the risk of being considered flippant,

I would remind you of the common spectacle of two lovers so wrapped up in each other’s company that they forget that there is a smiling world of people around them—time and space are forgotten to the two lovers—to them there is only one world, with but two persons in it. Again, how often have you fallen into what is known while a “brown study,” or “day dream,” in which you have been so occupied with the ideas and fancies floating through your mind, that you forgot all else. Well, then, this will give you a common-sense idea of the state that the occultists teach may be induced in order to enter into the state of en rapport with the astral plane—the state in which clairvoyance is possible. Whether you are seeking clairvoyance by the method of psychometry, or by crystal gazing, or by clairvoyant reverie—this will give you the key to the state. It is a perfectly natural state—nothing abnormal about it, you will notice.

To selected who may think that I am laying as well much stress on the undesirability of artificial methods of inducing the clairvoyant condition, I would say that they are probably not aware of the erroneous and often harmful teachings on the topic that are being promulgated by ignorant or misinformed teachers—”a little learning is a dangerous thing,” in many cases. It may surprise selected of my students to learn that selected of this class of teachers are instructing their pupils to prepare methods of self-hypnosis by gazing steadily at a bright object until they fall unconscious; or by gazing “cross eyed” at the tip of the nose, or meditation at an object held between the two eyebrows.

These are familiar methods of a number of schools of hypnotism, and result in producing a state of artificial hypnosis, more or less deep. Such a state is most undesirable, not only by reason of its immediate effects, but also by reason of the fact that it often results in a condition of abnormal sensitiveness to the will of others, or even to the thoughts and feelings of others, on both the astral and the physical planes of life. I absolutely warn my students against any such practices, or anything resembling them.

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