Straightforward Astral Perception Episode 1

Within previous articles we have seen that there are three well-defined classes of clairvoyance, namely, (1) Effortless clairvoyance; (2) Clairvoyance in space; and (3) Clairvoyance in Time. We shall now consider these in sequence, beginning with the first, Unproblematic Seeing the special.

In straightforward clairvoyance the clairvoyant person merely senses the auric emanations of other persons, such while the auric vibrations, colors, etc., currents of thought vibrations, etc., but does not catch a glimpse of events or scenes removed in space or time from the observer. There are other phenomena strange to this class of clairvoyance which I shall note when we progress with this phase.

An authority on the theme of astral phenomena has written interestingly, as follows, regarding selected of the phases of simple clairvoyance: “When we come to be concerned about the additional facilities which it offers in the observation of animate objects, we witness composed more clearly the advantages of astral vision. It exhibits Meditation Online to the clairvoyant the aura of plants and animals, and thus in the case of the latter their desires and emotions, and whatever thoughts they may have, are all simply shown before his eyes. But it is in dealing with human beings that he will most understand the value of this faculty, for he will often be able to help them far more effectually when he guides himself by the information which it gives him.

“He will be able to glimpse the aura when far up as the astral body, and although that leaves everything the higher section of a man serene hidden from his gaze, he will nevertheless find it possible by careful observation to learn a good deal about the higher episode from what is contained by his reach. His capacity of exploration of the etheric double will give him considerable advantage in locating and classifying any defects or diseases of the nervous system, although from the appearance of the astral body he will at once be aware of all the emotions, passions, desires and tendencies of the man before him, and even of very many of his ideas moreover.

“As he looks at a person he will observe him enclosed by the luminous mist of the astral aura, flashing with everything sorts of brilliant colors, and continuously changing in hue and brilliancy with each variation of the person’s ideas and feelings. He will perceive this aura flooded with the beautiful rose-color of pure affection, the rich blue of devotional feeling, the hard, blunt brown of selfishness, the insightful scarlet of anger, the horrible lurid red of sensuality, the livid grey of fear, the black clouds of hatred and malice, or any of the other hundredfold indications so easily to be read in it by the practiced eye; and thus it will be click here impossible for any persons to conceal from him the real state of their feelings on any subject. Not only does the astral aura show him the temporary result of the emotion passing through it at the moment, but it also gives him, by an organization and proportion of its colors when in a condition of comparative rest, a clue to the general disposition and character of its owner.”

By uncomplicated clairvoyance in a a few stage of progression the clairvoyant person is able to sense the presence of the human aura, by means of his astral sight. The human aura, while all students of occultism know, is that weird emanation of astral vibrations that extends from each living human being, surrounding him in an egg-shaped form for a distance of two to three feet on all sides. This curious nebulous envelope is not visible to the physical sight, and may be discerned only by means of the astral senses. It, however, may be dimly “felt” by many persons coming into the presence of other persons, and constitutes a personal atmosphere which is sensed by other persons.

The trained clairvoyant vision sees the human aura when a nebulous hazy substance, similar to a luminous cloud, surrounding the person for two or three feet on every side of his body, being more dense near the body and gradually becoming less dense whilst it extends away from the body. It has a phosphorescent appearance, with a weird tremulous motion manifesting through its substance. The clairvoyant sees the human aura when calm of all the colors of the spectrum, the combination shifting with the changing mental and emotional states of the person. But, in a general way, it may be said that every person has his or her or distinctive astral auric colors, depending upon his or her general character or personality. Every mental state, or emotional manifestation, has its own some shade or combination of shades of auric coloring. This beautiful kaleidoscopic spectacle has its own meaning to the advanced occultist with clairvoyant vision, for he is able to read the character and general mental states of the person by means of studying his astral auric ensign.

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