The Power Of Mind Is Everything!

All of us remember the United Negro College Fund commercials of the 80s; or at the very least, we remember its slogan: ‘the mind is a terrible thing to waste’. While we’re talking about something different than going to university today, the slogan is definitely on point here. Our minds have a lot of potential which most of us are letting go unused. The power of the mind is something that none of us should waste and when we know how to tap into these unused resources, we can change our lives and event the world.

You’ve certainly heard about the law of attraction; the idea behind the book and film ‘The Secret’. Whatever you put your mental energy toward will come to you is the message of the work. Whether you do so consciously or not, the power of the mind is such that you can make whatever you focus on happen, whether for good or ill.

One prime example of the efficacy of this idea is what is called the placebo effect. This is named for the clinical trials which use placebos for the control group while giving the actual medication to the other. Both groups think they’re getting the medication, so both often believe them to be experiencing the effects that have been described to them.

You’ve no doubt seen the effect in your own life as well. For instance, you’ve no doubt woken up thinking that a particular day isn’t going to be a good one. It shouldn’t really be too much of a surprise when these days turn out not to be among your favorites. It has to do with the power of your mind – when you think a day is going to be a bad (or a great one) then your subconscious has the ability to make this happen.

There is an ever growing amount of evidence for a scientific basis to the power of the mind, with one of the most intriguing ideas coming from the world of quantum physics. This is the possibility that matter either does not take shape until an observer is there to witness it. This suggests that the power of the mind may actually be what shapes the universe, not the other way around.

It is thought by some scientists that many of the phenomena we have always thought of as supernatural (such as remote viewing, telepathy and the like) are actually perfectly natural and explainable phenomena, though science may be a few years away from understanding the precise mechanisms behind them.

The power of the mind is something that you can train yourself to use for your own benefit. If you could use your own mental energy to bend the universe and make positive changes, wouldn’t you want to learn how? There are a couple of methods which can help you to learn to access your own latent mental powers.

If you want to use the power of the mind to accomplish something, it’s best to have a specific goal; for example, if you’d like to become wealthy, set your mind on a specific amount instead of being well off in general. A specific target is easier to focus on.

There are people who already know how powerful the mind is and put their mental energy into the achievement of their goals. They focus on specific objectives and put all of their efforts towards their objective, using the full power of the mind. This is what makes it happen; it’s more difficult than it sounds on paper, but it’s something that all of us can achieve if we put our minds to it.

By learning to control the power of the mind, you can gain the ability to influence the world around you and achieve just about anything you’d like. Suppose that you want a new home. You spend a lot of time thinking about it in great detail, going so far as to visualize how you’ll cultivate the back yard and the colors you’ll paint every room in the house. You begin putting all of your energy towards this goal, taking steps like angling for a promotion so you can make the money you need to purchase this new home, start thinking about how you’ll do the work necessary to set things up exactly the way you’d like and even researching how to get the best possible mortgage.

By focusing on this goal and putting your mental energy towards your objective, you can make it happen – don’t be too surprised when your dream home goes on the market and your offer is accepted; and you even get just the right mortgage. It is the power of the mind which has made this come about, not simply good luck.

This is something you can do; something everyone can do. Believe in the power of your mind and you can achieve anything – set your mind on a small goal and work your way up to bigger and better things as you go.

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