Using A Guided Meditation

Often when people think of meditation the first that comes into their mind is a group of people sat in a circle clad in robes in a temple. Or they think of people taking part in a yoga class and breathing in and out in a particular way as their instructor gets them to meditate. Well these are both examples of guided meditation. But not only does it come in the form of you being with a group of people a person can also can carry out guided meditation through listen or reading a meditation script.

Certainly when first learning about meditation and how to carry it out correctly a person will need some form of guidance. But just what kind of guided meditation should they actually participate in? In this article we will take a look at three different methods that a person may want to consider using.

Yoga Class

This is a great way for a person to learn how to meditate properly. During your yoga classes the teacher will ensure that you have the correct posture and are using the correct breathing techniques throughout your meditation session. You will certainly find that the feedback they are providing to you extremely beneficial. Plus they will also help you to learn the right techniques which will ensure that your mind becomes free and you are able to ignore distractions around you when carrying out a meditation session on your own at home.

Listening to a CD

If you are someone who does not have the time or inclination to attend a yoga class then this is a great alternative way of learning how to carry out meditation properly. There are lots of meditation recordings now available online which can take you through the various steps of the meditation process. All you need to do is find a location within your home (your bedroom for instance) where you can just put on your headphones and listen to what the CD is saying. Plus using this method it is your decision as to what kind of meditation it is you learn to do.

Reading a Script

If you are someone who finds it difficult to listen to another person’s voice on a CD then you may well discover that reading a guided meditation script is the best method for learning the correct way to carry out meditation techniques. It is through these scripts you will learn the way to prepare yourself in order that you carry out each meditation session properly. Not only will it teach you about the right posture positions, but also about how you need to breathe as well. Also it will tell you the types of things that you will need to thing about and visualize on during each of the sessions that you do.

But what of these guided meditation methods you use will depend on the kind of person you are and should be based on your own particular desires and feelings and not on anyone else’s.

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